Why Vyapti in Robotics:

Company Considerations

  • Hands on Experiencein Handling complicated  Turn key solutions using  all major Industrial Robots Team has more than 40,000 Hours of Technical expertise on handling Robotic engineering solutions in various sectors like Automotive,F&B,Pharma & GI.
  • Trained manpower in teaching of major make of robots and Integrated almost 30 robots within 1 year
  • FRA is fully committed to attain complete customer satisfaction, mostof our business is because of repeat business.


  • “Safety Is Our Prime Motto”-Complete Know-How of Robotic/PLC programming with safety as a prime consideration.
  • Exposure on High end technologies like 2D/3D vison,line tracking, Vision tracking, Bin picking,synchronised robots,etc.
  • Sustainable financial stability
  • Good Rapport with Robot OEM & Allied product manufacture

Robot Integration

Complete Robotic Turnkey solution in the following domain:

  • Machine Tending
  • Extraction/Insertion for Injection molding machines
  • Deburring/Fettling/Polishing
  • MIG/MAG/Spot welding
  • End of the line application
  • Hot forge tending


  • Online teaching support for all make of robots
  • Cycle time optimization
  • Consultancy & design activity outsourcing

Simulation & Training

  • Offline simulation
  • Feasibility check
  • On site training
  • Installation & Commissioning