About Vyapti

VyaptiTecnica Solutions LLP is 7 years old company having its head quarter in Bangalore, with more than a decade of expertise people with a focus to promote Industry 4.O the current trend of automation and data exchange in manufacturing technologies.

 We helps increasing digitalization of the manufacturing sector  entire 'concept-to-product-manufacturing' is captured digitally and driven by the horizon and new emerging technologies in products design, tooling and manufacturing rapidly replace the conventional practices in industries.

 Vyapti introduced Desktop Metal-USA in Indian Market and was successful to install 2 of its machine in India –First 3D Printer with MIM process

 Vyapti in Alliance with OEM

CONCR3DE from Netherland: A 3D Binder Jetting Technology Printer which is an open were material and is capable of Metal and Ceramics and Mass, Batch and Mixed Production


Admatec from Netherland: DLP High Viscosity 3D Printer with capable of  Metal,Ceramics which helps in Medical Grade Materials.


Pravartya Labs.: We are building India's leading Polymer based FDM 3D Printer which is capable of printing all polymer materials, also PCB printer and also BIO Printer which is a unique and first kind in India – Hubballi in Karnataka fit for educational and MSME segment for the 3D printing needs.


Ansioprint from Luxembourg -Through Sedaxis: Worlds first open platform continuous co-extrusion composite 3D Printer, has unique patented co-extrusion with fiber steering technology, aerospace grade polymer material compatibility, 5x lighter & stronger than Aluminum, 2x lighter & stronger than stainless steel and 20x stronger than thermoplastic,  


“Vyapti is the only company in India to provide a versatile technology in 3D Printing”. 

We look forward to discuss with you to understand your need to present the “Right Fit Technology to Your Organisation”

Commitment to “Delivering Excellence” backed by unwavering happy employees more importantly passionate, not accepting status quo , Vyapemporaries are surging ahead to achieve greater heights of success in promoting Indian Technologies.