We build powder-based 3D printers that enable the unimaginable, produce the remarkable and shape the impossible.

Our accessible ecosystem allows you to create accurate, complex parts with novel material properties, unprecedented scalability, and waste upcycling options – all in a single platform.

Materials that meet your requirements

CONCR3DE has a focus on printing inorganic materials such as stone, ceramics, and metals. This allows us to meet material requirements such as aesthetic properties, outdoor use, biocompatibility, and resistance to shock, heat, or electricity. Our binder jetting technology makes any material possible. Our Armadillo printers have been used to print a wide range of materials including sawdust, nylon, geopolymers, salt, and more.

Zero Waste & Upcycling as core values

CONCR3DE enables accurate printing of complex shapes with zero waste. Any powder residue can be recycled for the next print job. Moreover, our print technology allows true upcycling of stone, concrete, and other raw materials. Previously worthless or costly-to-dispose waste streams and original material residue can now be repurposed for new or restoration products. One option is to crush existing stone remains for reuse as print material.